Game crash at end of season

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Game crash at end of season

Message non lu par denisgrad » 01 nov. 2015 06:37

Hello, first of all sorry I dont speak French :(
But I hope I could get help from this community

I have downloaded LFP 14-15 for Fifa manager 13 and it has been running smoothly - 0 crashes during the whole season!
But on July 30th the game crashes and I cant start the new season. I have loaded a save which takes 6 months before and simulated it to the end of the season then there was no crash. But i dont want to replay all of that...

I searched all over the German forums for solutions and explanations to why this happens and I have not found any. Does anybody know why end of season crash occurs and how to stop it?

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Re: Game crash at end of season

Message non lu par Tobb » 01 nov. 2015 08:07

Is it July 30th ( the beginning of the next season ) or June 30th ( the end of the season ) ?
I play with Fifa Manager 13 for a long time and I didn' t have that problem ( many careers, and never had a problem at the end of the season )
You might have a problem with a "corrupted transfer" wich makes your game crash ( sorry for my english )


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