FIFA Manager 2022 - Work In Progress

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FIFA Manager 2022 - Work In Progress

Message non lu par Dmitry » 11 nov. 2021 22:15

Image FIFA Manager 2022 is a Patch for FIFA Manager 13 and FIFA Manager 14, developed by Season 2020 team and FM-Zocker website.

What's new in FIFA Manager 2022

Dark mode (theme) is now available
- The changes will affect the entire game interface - text mode, websites, newspapers, and even pop-up windows in 3D match
- It can be switched in game options (game restart is required to apply changes)
Image Image

Changes to European Continental compeitions
- Added UEFA Europa Conference League
- New UEFA Europa League format
- Updated UEFA points calculations with 2021/2022 rules (5-year ratings)
- Removed the Away Goal Rule
Image Image

Updates to TV PopUps format
- Kickoff standings is now displayed in 2D
- Club-specific colors (Bundesliga)
- Special badges (LaLiga)
Image Image

New 3D kits, balls, faces, stadiums as usual
- Faces from FIFA Online 4 will be added
- New stadiums for Ukrainian Premier League and Ukrainian First League
- Added new referee kits
Image Image

Other changes
- The bug with defensive free-kick (far free kick), when the ball was pushed with extra power, is now fixed
- The bug with inverted tackling setting was fixed (3d Mode)
- Fixed a bug when Passes settings (tactics) was confused with Passing Style in the Text Mode
- Improved talent allocation for the "Talent randomization" option
- Fixed fans calculation during promotion/relegation
- Big update for Hall Of Fame pictures
- Many other changes, improvements and fixes

Release date
November - December 2021


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