[FM13|FM14] Season 2019 - Universal Converter Project

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[FM13|FM14] Season 2019 - Universal Converter Project

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2018/2019 database for FIFA Manager 13 and FIFA Manager 14, made as a part of Universal Converter Project.

This release includes (only main features are listed here):
Updated database with latest transfers (as for 07.04.2019)
Updated graphics (including: club badges, competition logos, player pictures, manager pictures, staff pictures, referee pictures, trophy pictures, loading screens)
Updated parameter files (improved player development, changed salaries and player market values)
Updated 3D-kits (more than 1,700 actual 3d-kits)
Added 2D-minikits (can be viewed in club information screens)
Unique 3D-balls for more than 30 competitions​
World Cup mode, which was available in FIFA Manager 10 and FIFA Manager 11
An ability to choose any country (national team) to manage at game start
Unlocked game awards and achievements
Updated "The Best" award screen
Increased the size of jersey numbers in 3d-match
Better distribution of teams on regional league levels (more chance for the team to drop into the correct league)
Actual managers and staff members for national teams
Changed wingers scoring parameters (left and right wingers (LW/RW) now will score more goals)
Added another nomination day in Spain (after the transfer market is closed)
An ability to disable (increase) loans limit

Version 1.2 is available

Latest transfer updates - Player level and talents changes - League composition update - GLOBAL GRAPHICS UPDATE (updated club badges, 90'000 player and staff photos, tickets, cup drawing screens, TV PopUps, adboards) - 3D BALLS (more than 40 unique balls) - GLOBAL CALENDAR UPDATE (much more realistic league calendars) - bugfixes (including 30.06 crash fix) - other improvements (added female staff persons, ability to disable loans limit, updated EU countries list, many other small improvements)


Cities Megapack for Season 2019 database. Includes more than 3000 pictures.
https://board.fm-zocker.de/index.php?th ... post133917

Stadium Pictures Megapack for Season 2019 database
https://mega.nz/#!HtF0BY4I!ors1_hgP1oFI ... gal9VgXc00

installation Instructions
https://board.fm-zocker.de/index.php?th ... post134320


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